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Nov 17, 2010

Pavel Büchler - humming and eclipsing

Quite some years ago we witnessed a total eclipse of the sun ... and I was overwhelmed by the experience.  Since this kind of total eclipse is very rare in our region I'll enjoy the occasional partial eclipse of sun and moon. 
I definitely loved this work..., oh yes, I'm a shadow addict by the way. Not that I'm hiding in creepy dark holes, it's the light playing with other elements and creating all kinds of interesting contrasts that is so fascinating.
Back to this work then...

Pavel Büchler - Eclipse

too many pictures?  Well I can't get enough of it, so one more ...

Another work at the same location connects communist and religious ideologies.  At first we think we see bells hanging from the hallway of the Episcopal Seminary, at a closer look we detect loudspeakers recovered from the Strathow stadium in Prague where large demonstrations were held in the communist area.  A humming sound comes from the speakers.

Pavel Büchler - Annunciation

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'The Reality of the Lowest Rank'
Exhibition with over 40 international artists on 6 locations in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.
until 23 January 2011

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