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Nov 2, 2010

Aeneas Wilder and Silence

disturbed SILENCE - STILTE gestoord

Aeneas Wilder - # 151

We've seen a large wooden sculpture from this artist last year, it was gigantic.  It could easily contain dozens of people standing inside. 

This one is totally different, altough it is built in a similar technique.

One enters in a small 'room'.  The bottom layers of wood are wider than the others and function as seats, thus creating a cozy meeting space.

The installation will stay in the permanent collection of the Centre.

The exhibition Disturbed Silence, brought together a number of artists and artworks that dealt with issues relating to silence and perception. The works were chosen and or commissioned with specific reference to the ongoing work within the Psychiatric Centre in Duffel.

disturbed SILENCE
5th September-7th November 2010
Stationsstraat 22c
2570 Duffel, Belgium

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