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Nov 3, 2010

disturbed SILENCE - part 4

Els vanden Meersch - restpaviljoen - collection of the Psychiatric Centre Duffel.

Where the three previous artworks of the exhibition are open structures inviting visitors to enter and sit down, this one is different.  Made from reclaimed materials - doors, floor, showers, sinks - from a building on the site that has been demolished, the inaccessible glass structure reveals a quite recent past where privacy in psychiatric hospitals was nonexistent.

picture taken through the glass building bricks

Opposite this installation, another artist copies this closed structure and turns it into an open one.

Christian Ch'An - Arkhief - collection of the Psychiatric Centre Duffel

The exhibition Disturbed Silence, brought together a number of artists and artworks that dealt with issues relating to silence and perception. The works were chosen and or commissioned with specific reference to the ongoing work within the Psychiatric Centre in Duffel.

disturbed SILENCE
5th September-7th November 2010
Stationsstraat 22c
2570 Duffel, Belgium
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