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Nov 9, 2010

disturbed SILENCE - finale

An unexpected extra in the art tour was the chapel of the convent on the site of the Psychiatric Centre. 
Pure Art Deco.

Stairway to heaven?

in this setting ...

Raoul De Keyser (Belgium) - Fragment (1995)

Another building on the site ...

... shows work by a painter we've seen on different occasions.  They never cease to attract my attention, small in size (can you spot them on the wall on the left?) but great in detail.

Robert Devriendt (Belgium) - Sweet Obsession - collection of the artist.
more of his work during a solo-exhibition HERE

Another building ... photography by

Roni Horn (USA) - Some Thames

And in between all those buildings...

Katrien Vermeire (Belgium) - Shiretoko #1

The exhibition Disturbed Silence, brought together a number of artists and artworks that dealt with issues relating to silence and perception. The works were chosen and or commissioned with specific reference to the ongoing work within the Psychiatric Centre in Duffel.

disturbed SILENCE

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