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Nov 20, 2010

opening night

The day before yesterday, driving to Maastricht (Netherlands) during a breathtaking sunrise with surrounding fields and villages half hidden in foggy veils.  Would have loved to take pictures of the purple clouds and the sun reflecting in multiple pools left by last week's heavy rains, but I was driving...
Great start of a busy day.  Goal : the AINSI building to set up the exhibition which is opening tonight.

I'm early, actually the first one on the spot.

Well, it seems I'm not the only one here.

Hmmm, a bit too early for that, maybe some time later in the day when work is done?

Plenty of time to walk the stairs up and down to get all my work up two storeys.

After a while other creatures arrive (will know the name of the artist tonight...)

A few hours later the place is a giant workshop, 14 artists + handy helpers are setting up the exhibition.

I'm alone today, so I'll better move on.

Info on the opening tonight during the PechaKucha Night #8 HERE (in Dutch)

All info on the exhibition OPGETEKEND & VASTGELEGD HERE
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