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Oct 27, 2010

WARP - portfoliodays

COUP DE VILLE - part 14 (last one)
Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

Somewhat apart from the list of participating artists in the tour.  On one of the locations a selection of artists from the WARP portfolio days.

Katie Lagast (BE) - Pavement I

Yvan Derwéduwé - Netherworld installation

I must apologize for the fact I haven't registered the names of the above artists.  They show on the list (bottom - selection) HERE, but I can't work out who made what.  If someone knows I'll be happy to fill in the gaps.

I recognized this instantly.  I could not find the name of the artist next to it.  I have seen this intriguing painting more than two years ago at an opening of a solo show of the artist.   I was convinced I had done a post on this show, I looked on my blog, in vain.  It is with shame that I have to admit I forgot to post this artists' work I really liked, but then - looking back - it was a difficult period where other things occupied my spirit.  I will post the pictures of the exhibition tomorrow, with a delay of 2 years!! 

The portfolio days, organized by warp-art, are a boost to young artists' careers.  In the international artists' village, young artists are given content-based feedback by professionals in the art world.  Look for all the info HERE.

On the marketsquare at the artists' village ...

Karl Philips

Coup de Ville

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