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Oct 9, 2010

Hans Op De Beeck - poetic surprise

COUP DE VILLE - part 5

Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

An abandoned schoolhouse.  A long and pitch dark corridor, at the end we feel we enter a large space we can't see because of the darkness.  One light illuminates a large wooden 'box' in the center.

OK ... is that it?   Oh, there is an entrance ... hard to find in the dark.  Hey, what a surprise ...

A space that looks feels a secret garden in the moonlight.  A bench to sit on and experience the silence and the quiet and somehow peaceful loneliness.  It really works.  One of my favorites.

Hans Op De Beeck (BE) - Secret Garden
Coup de Ville
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
until 24 October 2010
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Wim said...

Herinner je nog "Chambres d'amis" door Jan Hoet?

hildA said...

Deze Coup de Ville is hier min of meer een verwijzing naar, de curator is hier ook Jan Hoet.
Ben er zelf in de tijd niet geraakt ... doodjammer.