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Oct 25, 2010

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

COUP DE VILLE - part 12

In this tour were quite a few video-artists.  I'm not a big fan of video but sometimes is surprises me and convinces me it is great work. 
But you can only tell if the video is playing ... which is not always the case.

An empty shop; at first sight there is nothing but construction works going on.  But in a small corner under the stairs...

... an unexpected installation.  A video is projected on the tiny space behind the small door.  The 2D work becomes 3D. Funny, it made us laugh out loud and we loved it. 
Egill Sæbjörnsson (Ysland)

An imposing villa in the centre of the city, a large room overlooking the big garden.  Temporary setting of ...

... the hilarious film Drama Queens made by Elmgreen & Dragset (Denmark - Norway).  I'd love to see the whole video one day, it takes about 45 minutes, and we wanted to see the rest of the tour.  View a trailer HERE.

A black monolith in a small front garden. 

From the street one can see the projection of Finis gloriae mundi by Flavio Cury (Brazil).

In the back of a parking garage is a dark space with a large screen ... nothing happening.  We've waited quite a few minutes to see if the film was going to start, searched a button to start the video, looked around if there was someone that manipulates the machine ... nothing.  It was half an hour before closing time ... but still, it is sad for the artist - Guido Van Der Werve (Netherlands)- that his work is not shown.

On another location, we stood before a closed door.  A note mentioned that the exhibition space was closed on several days during the tour.  I think, that if one decides to open his/her space to welcome artists and visitors, it should be open all the time.  First of all it is disrespectful towards the artist who made the effort to think of a work that suits the place and misses many interested viewers.  We travelled more than 400 KM to see the whole tour in two days, we were not coming back for the ones that were not open. 

Coup de Ville

Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

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