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Oct 26, 2010

COUP de VILLE - the last ones

COUP DE VILLE - part 13
Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

In a beauty salon ...

not a work, just a local detail


In the attic of a castle ...

Haifeng Ni (China) - Para-production

In a former textile workshop ...
where the structured glass panes in the window prevented the workers from looking into the garden of the factory owner.  The artist replaced two panes by clear glass and placed a mirror facing the garden thus confronting the 'privileged' persons in the garden with their own image..

our friend Charlotte is demonstrating the mirror facing the garden
Katinka Bock (Germany) - Aussicht zu zweit

At the same location ...

Johan Creten (Be) - The Community (part of it)

 In an architect's workspace...

Hans Demeulenaere (BE) - re-flex/flex/re-flection
A model of the interior of the house is built at a scale of 60%.

In a tiny little house ...

Nezaket Ekici (Turkey) - Private Objects
The artist removed objects - important to the owners - and replaced them by a white box.

In a garden shed ...

Bart Stolle (BE) - Objets trouvés

Through the back gate of a beautiful garden ...
in the garden stands a revolving tree.  It was supposed to do so according to a video visible in the house, but the electric system failed.

Honoré d'O (BE)

In the courtyard of another castle ...

Veronika Tzekova (Bulgaria) - Switchables

Coup de Ville

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