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Oct 10, 2010

Stephan Balleux's trompe l'oeil

COUP DE VILLE - part 6
Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

We were craving for a good cup of coffee when we reached the location of the next art-work in the tour.  And, lucky we, it was a nice lounge/restaurant where we found a comfy couch to rest our legs from walking.

Only on one specific spot at the entrance does the painting on the wall look as one continuous flowing unit. 

Coming closer the image changes ...

... and splits into many pieces.

Stephan Balleux (BE) - Blind Spots

Pictures of the work in progress HERE

We might get back here to have lunch when we come to see the other half of the tour.

Coup de Ville

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
until 24 October 2010

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