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Oct 8, 2010

Eric Croux's memory

COUP DE VILLE - part 4

Contemporary art in private houses, gardens, museums and public space.
More than 40 international artists on more than 25 locations.

The courtyard we're walking through to get to Eric Croux's installation unintentionally gives a hint of what is coming.
... watch the clothes line ...

Entering the small backyard room, a video is playing.  We don't pay much attention and decide to walk up the stairs to see the actual work.  A large workshop has partially been cleared to set up...

... a large wooden structure with wires running crisscross through the space.

... but at a closer look the wires do have a purpose.

They mark out the contours of furniture within details; a bed, two bedside cupboards, a wardrobe with drawers and doors ...

... a dining table with chairs ...

... a floating plate with cutlery and the chair next to it - hardly visible in the picture.  The yellow wires are painted white where they represent the missing furniture.

... a dressing table with only the mirror left to proof its existence.

I can't get enough of it, I'm impressed and want to discover every detail.

The only real life objects (apart from the plate on the table). 
But it is only when leaving and watching part of the video that we get to understand the full meaning of the work.

The space is a copy of the real life living space of the artist's father.  The work originated in the house that has been demolished since.

Eric Croux (BE) - (T)Here

I'm still impressed, the feeling does not leave me.  Memories of things that are gone tend to fade or distort after some time.  I have never been in the original house, and yet I have the impression I can feel the presence of the person who lived in this. 
My absolute favorite so far (we've only seen half of the tour yet).

Pictures of the work in progress HERE

Coup de Ville

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
until 24 October 2010

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Wim said...

I feel a little bit of a "voyeur" walking around in private houses looking at 'The' contemporary ;-)

hildA said...

Oh... but that is part of the fun!!