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Aug 12, 2008

what to do with books after reading them - Jonathan Callan

After reading a book, I can't throw it away. But I'm not the kind of person to build a bookshelf to keep books that will never be opened again. So I thought the book-sculptures of Jonathan Callan are simply brilliant.

I simply fell in love with these works when I saw them at the Brussels Art Fair 2008. It certainly gives me ideas.

I could not find a direct link to Jonathan Callan, but Googling his name will take you to several galleries that exhibit and sell his works.
It is worth checking a few, the walls build with books are stunning. HERE is one.

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Anonymous said...

Originele ideeën, de creativiteit van mensen kent geen grenzen.
Hier zijn de telefoonboeken en of de "yellow Pages" flinter dun (80.000 inwoners). Op de laatste foto, zijn dat plafond nagels?

hildA said...

is dit niet geweldig? het lijkt zo simpel, je moet er enkel maar opkomen.
de nagels : ik vermoed van wel.
idee : van hieruit wil ik eens zien of er een stoel-idee kan groeien.

Zugloi Tankonyvcentrum said...

Thanks for your post, took us to more of Jonathan's work (
We're a bookstore in Hungary always looking for interesting ideas on what people do with books and have started featuring them on our facebook page as well:

hildA said...

@ Zugloi Tankonyvcentrum,
Thanks for your kind comment. I'm pleased that you got to know an artist through my humble blog.
Other artists/designers working with books :

South-African artist François Duplessis 'Bookstories', type his name in 'search this blog' on top right of page to view several posts on his artwork and studio and discover his site.

Jacqueline Le Bleu makes furniture with covers from books :

Spanish artist Alvaro Tamarit made a fantastic seat from old books, type his name in 'search this blog' to find the related post.

I'll be checking your facebook from time to time to see more interesting book-related items and objects.

best regards,
best regards