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Aug 5, 2008

Jeroen Kuster - new animal species

Interested in the world of animals since childhood, the artist has created a new species. Kuster shows us what look like simple fish or other animals, in all forms and sizes. But Kusters' animals never existed. He uses plastic spoons or other anorganic material which he transforms by melting them into shapes. He says "Cooking with material is making Art".

Pictures taken at the Verbeke Foundation, but the works are only visible to the female visitors. On display at the women lavatories (yes, I did open every door to take a picture of the works). I did not go into the gents' bathroom to see the works there.

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Anonymous said...

Tof bedacht!
Het doet denken aan de laatste resten
van "marine animal life" bijgehouden op sterk water voor toekomstige generaties
OT : was ook zoiets van plan, heb de grote weckpotten reeds gekocht in de supermarket.