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Aug 4, 2008

Vision in Motion - Motion in Vision

more kinetic art - current exhibition

It is the first time I came here for an exhibition, and I was quite surprised. The place is huge; an old industrial site with large silos and greenhouses set on a large block of land. So all of the works pictured below are moving in some kind of way. It was impossible to take videos of all of them, my batteries of the camera died.

Sybill's Mental Energy Collector
(yes, the same ones that have design furniture at the Designmuseum exhibition)

Weyers & Borms

Reinier Kranendonk

I missed the information here and can't find it. A plaster figure of Christ hangs upside down on a very long rope and moves slowly back and forth on a concrete floor thus wearing off.

Pol Bury

G. De Beer & P. Van Hoeydonk
in the background work from Jean Tinguely

Martin uit den Bogaard

The artist himself asks what the difference is between life and death. Death material is still undergoing changes, he captures these electric impulses and connects them to a computer that translates these into sound and colourful graphics. This artist has many works on the site. Very interesting, but if you're a very sensitive person I would recommend to skip this part or send someone else in to see if you can take it.
And the most poetic one is from Sjef Meijman, a small pebble is dragged in a very slow pace through sand on a metal board and creates this rusty circle. Between all the rattling and shaking and wobbling and noisy works, this was a piece of tranquility. What people call Zen. I think I could have this in my house, I just love it (but then I'm a pebble and stone person).
and many many more to see ...
Painting and singing fingerInflatable DollDeception
Mean Meat Machine
Black Boy balancing between Benevolence and the Benefits of Blasphemy

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