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Aug 7, 2008

Reinier Lagendijk - land art, living sculptures

A ficus is planted in a wooden mold. After a few years the mold will be removed.
What is left is a solid table (or a chair) formed by the roots of the plant.

A wooden frame of a small house has partially been constructed with living trees.

I love what Reinier Lagendijk does with living material; it is so intriguing how he grows things in an awkward way. The building of living ladders is shown in this 12 min. video, and have a look at his upside down growing tree.

pictures taken at the Verbeke Foundation, the last one with the phone-cam as the batteries of the camera died


Anonymous said...

Ik had daarstraks al eens snel gekeken ,maar heb nu "Reinier Lagendijk" geopend en zijn levende sculpturen zijn ongewoon knap bedacht! Wat mij ook verwonderd is dat ge zo'n mooie resultaten bekomt met een phone cam, spijtig van de batterij.

hildA said...

als ik Reinier's werken zie heb ik zin om ook te experimeteren, onze tuin staat vol wilgen en die groeien inderdaad alle richtingen uit. Nu nog tijd vinden.

Anonymous said...

And Reinier is a very gentle and kind person. Please check his website for all of his work:!

hildA said...

thank you for the information Robert, clicking his name in the post takes you to his site also