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Aug 11, 2008

Bram Vreven makes water dance

" What shapes can water in motion assume? Which forces are at work in the creation of ripples, currents, and waves? Are these patterns of movement chaotic, or can a certain order be imposed? Is it possible to make that singularly elegant ripple occur again? Can some patterns be reproduced or even cloned? In the search for answers I built a variety of test configurations, which all revolve around the possibilities of water in motion."

Flow II
Panels containing water move and tilt, making various patterns and creating gorgeous visual effects with the flowing water. Have a look at the site of artist Bram Vreven, look for works - Flow II (and the others too off course). Unfortunately it only shows the tilting of the panels and not the dancing figures of the water. I looked at this work for about 10 min, it was hard to walk away. Looking at water flowing is very calming and relaxing, and this was pretty spectacular.

pictures taken at the Verbeke Foundation

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