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Apr 12, 2010

artartartartart - à propos d'écritures

à propos d'écritures 
      could be translated as about writing
We got there just in time to see this one, it was the last day of the exhibition at the Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne.  Quite a drive to the south part of our little country, meaning the artworks are primarily - if not all - in french.  Don't have pictures of all the artists works.

Pierre Jeghers

Laurent Sfar

Dorothée Van Biesen

Myriam Hornard

Alain Bornain

Eric Pougeau

Paul Mahoux

Miller Levy

Laurent d'Ursel

François du Plessis

...and here is how we actually got here.  We saw the following as a 'work in progress' in the artist's studio in Germany a short while ago and were curious to see the final result, it is the front column with the gap in the center, hard to see in the picture ... the gap.

François du Plessis -
To view the work in progress and more posts on François du Plessis - type his name in the 'search this blog' tool on top right of the page.

Centre d'Art Contemporain du Luxembourg belge

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