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Apr 5, 2010

Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art

A short trip of less than an hour by train from Copenhagen-Denmark takes us to the Louisiana Museum.  Great location, overlooking the bay one can spot Sweden on the other side of the water.

On arrival the building looks quite small, but once inside pavillons succeed each other in a clever way connected by airy corridors overlooking the sculptures in the garden.

Louisiana's collection concentrates on the period after 1945.  With more than 3.000 works it is among the largest collections in Scandinavia.


Allan McCollum - over 10.000 Individual Works

Eduardo Chillida - Erabaki

Juan Munoz - Half Circle (part of installation)

Louise Nevelson - Royal Tide III

Per Inge Bjorlo - pressure after pressure

Leon Kossoff - Double self portrait

Louise Bourgeois' shadow

Cezar at the Louisiana café where nice food is served, more on that later.

Jean Dubuffet - Manoir d'essor in the garden.

George Trakas - Self Passage - a great sculpture runs along one of the pavillons and leads to a lower platform close to the water.  This is the sculpture, platform not in the picture.

Richard Serra - the gate in the gorge (only half of it)

Kusama - Gleaming Light of the Souls

One of the rooms in the children's wing.

A great Museum shop on two levels, the biggest one I've ever seen, with books, design, clothing ... 

Apart from the own collection, there are more exhibitions.  The current is COLOUR in ART and is based on Werner and Gabrielle Merzbacher's private collection. 

We decide to have our dinner in the nice Louisiana café that overlooks part of the garden and the bay.  Inside, a cosy open fire, it is the beginning of spring and evenings are chilly.  Friday Lounge - this is great - live music in the restaurant free of charge for museum visitors, and tonight it is a jazz session

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Great way to finish a nice day. 


wim said...

"Louise Nevelson"
Dat is waar Vic Gentils de mosterd haalde ;-)

hildA said...

@ Wim,
ik dacht toen net hetzelfde