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Apr 21, 2010

my work - my studio

Things were very quiet in the studio the past months, with reason.
Changes in my personal life and around me needed my attention.  When I'm working in my studio I tend to forget the outside world and the outside world was knocking on my door for attention.  So I decided to close the studio door for some time and work on the changes around me and at the same time make room for them in my mind.  Accepting new situations that more or less have a drastic impact on one's personal life take time.
But ... with the spring ... my studio is calling (and so is the garden).  And I start to feel the need to work again.  So, it might take some time to get everything on track again, but the engine is warming up for new challenges.  A few projects lie ahead, time to focus on that.
Being non-active these past few months means I'm skipping my participation in the open studio tour Kunstroute-Leuven this year, that means I will be able to visit the ones I've never visited before.  The next days I'll be posting pictures of previous visits to studios I haven't published before.  In the meantime pay a visit to the studios of the previous years by clicking HERE.

And discover new participants on this site.


Janice said...

I'm already looking forward to your new work! Liefs! xxx

Wim said...

I hope the changes are not too dramatic.