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Apr 16, 2010

Untitled - Monos Gallery

It is the first time I visit this gallery, totally hidden in a quiet street in Liège-Belgium.  I must admit I was so impressed by the gallery itself and the different exhibition spaces on two levels I actually forgot to register the artists' names; 13 in this exhibition.  I found a few on the internet.  If anyone can help me to put the right name under the works ...

Next to the man-made artworks, the sun creates a delicate pattern on a window, just as interesting.

Bookstories by  François du Plessis

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Detail of large painting by Jan Martens.

Yves Piedboeuf

Yves Piedboeuf

and more...

untitled is still going until 20th of June 2010

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re4215 said...

wow!!! i want to visit it)))