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Dec 22, 2011

Charles Ross - solar burns

Winter solstice, perfect day to show artwork created by the sun (or the absence of it).  Portraits of sunlight drawn by the sun itself.

Charles Ross - Sunlight Convergence / Solar Burns

Sculptor, painter and photographer Charles Ross uses sunlight involving time and planetary motion.

Through a lens the sunlight burns a path across a wooden plank.
Clear days create a broad smoke flare, passing clouds leave unburned interruptions, overcast days produce blank boards.

Every day from March 20, 1992 and March 20 1993. 
365 boards show the action of the sun during a whole year. 

The position of the earth during the seasons will influence the curve of the burn.  Curving during winter and summer, straightening during spring and autumn.

Charles Ross - Double Spirale - 1993
same technique on metal

in the Salon du Soleil (Salon Vert)
Curios & Mirabilia
Collection Fonds National d'Art Contemporain
Oiron, France

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