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May 10, 2011

Gert Robijns - The Village

Gert Robijns (BE) - The Village - 2011

A wooden life size copy of the village Gotem, Limburg, Belgium at 10 KM from this site.

It took some time to find this location..., no address, merely ... at the end of the airstrip of a former military air base.  

The site in itself is not accessible although someone found a solution for this ... Obedient (and tired after a long day) we stayed at this side of the fence, I must admit it was tempting... 

After the first disappointment of not being allowed a closer look something else spoils the sight of the installation...

A truck found an original parking space.

until 30 October 2011
Brustem - Belgium

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Nice pics! And it's now for sale at