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Feb 4, 2011

merci - conceptstore with a heart

I had seen this little car a few times in magazines promoting the conceptstore merci in Paris.  The whole idea behind this enterprise arose my curiosity, so here I am.  Walking through a large gate into a courtyard and into a large loftstyle store on different levels.

The current exhibition 'stack it' has nice upcycled furniture on show.

Krattenkast / Bloc Rangement / Crates Cabinet by Marc van der Gronden for Lensvelt
Yep ... my kind of thing.

Unique installation Stack by merci

Only half of a cabinet with recycled vintage office items, sorry I missed the designer...

items in the exhibition available at the end of the expo on 19 February 2011

In other parts of this great shop one can find fashion, kitchen- and tableware, furniture, linnen and much more.  A coffeecorner with loads of  books to read on the spot or a cafeteria with yummy food and fresh juices.

profits go to a fund to help poor children in Madagascar

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