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Sep 17, 2009

Tim Segers -

"This Spring the first amphitheater of youtheater opens on the Belgium coast in the city of Nieuwpoort, during the art trienalls Beaufort03. Youtheater is a network of integrated public amphitheater, a conceptual form of the original platform, foreseen with free electricity and video stream communication. In a nutshell all you need to make a public interventions from speeches to acts or a full live concert."

The idea of this sculpture is that people visiting it can make live videos that will be posted on the site of The videos can be downloaded to be used on other sites.

On a closer look I was very disappointed to see that the installation wasn't properly fixed and was breaking in various places after only 4 months, it still needed to last 2 more.

The button to start recording the video did not seem to work. And later, when checking the site, I discovered that the thing was broken for 2 months already. Now we're 2 months later and nothing has been fixed.

Still, the sculpture comes in handy to dry wet clothes and collect lost and found objects.
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location : Nieuwpoort - Belgium
Triannial of contemporary Art by the Sea Beaufort 03
28.03.2009 - 04.10.2009all along the Belgian coast.
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