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Sep 18, 2009

Robert Kusmirowski at Beaufort03

Robert Kusmirowski (Poland) is a master in creating illusions. Even on very close inspection it is hard to believe this house is only a fake. His 'historic' installations are very accurate replicas built in various 'soft' materials. In this case the façade is based on Polish house fronts.

The city council was not happy with this art installation as it looked too real; it would keep tourists away if they assumed this was the general state of the houses throughout the city. A sign was put up next to the work to keep the viewer informed this is art.

I loved this detail, nettles (they are real) on the window-sill. I wonder who gives them water.

location : Blankenberge - Belgium
Triannial of contemporary Art by the Sea Beaufort 03
28.03.2009 - 04.10.2009
all along the Belgian coast.
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