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Dec 6, 2008

Kanwa Adikusumah

Kanwa Adikusumah (West-Java, Indonesia) carves delicate spiritual sculptures ranging from 1,5 cm to more than 300 cm high from Indonesian and European wood.

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Unknown said...

When I first saw one of Kanwa's sculptures, I though... Woaw, what an old deity this must be. What I did not know is that it is contemporary art made with old or weathered wood. But with such a spiritual deepness that these masterpieces (small or gigantic) just seem to come straight out of a Bali temple or so.
My living room has a wall with some of the postcard-size pictures of his work - I particularly love the pix with the magnificent colored stones-jewelry. So I am really happy to discover the new book: "From spirit to creation, the Journey and sculptures if Kanwa Adikusuwah". This should be the florilegium of his work and fine philosophy... so I'll definitely GET IT in Nodebais on his open door weekends nov. 2010! Anne Tilmont, author.