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Feb 13, 2008

Arne Reynaert 's studio

multi-talented artist Arne Reynaert's studio
to see more of his work click his name

sculpture by Phil Billen
other work of Phil Billen in this POST

OK, I already mentionned I'm addicted to artist's studios. Now here is one to drool over - once you're in there you don't want to leave anymore. So much to look at, a wonderful atmosphere, a kind artist and a purring cat. And a swing right in the middle of the studio. And off course ... gorgeous paintings.
Open studio days at the end of april, in due time the link Kunstroute-Leuven will be adapted. My studio won't be open, I'm skipping this year's edition.
UPDATE 16 November 2009 : latest visit to the studio HERE, and for more posts on Arne Reynaert use the 'search this blog' tool.


Sas said...

I really loved this post HildA :)

There is so much creative energy flowing out of it!

Thanks for sharing :))
(And Arne Reynaert too of course ;)))


hildA said...

thank you Sas,

the artist is very creative and energetic, and that is what you feel in this heavenly studio.