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Jul 14, 2011

abstract & homemade

The announcement of a homemade bazaar in the space of Croxhapox caught my attention.  The focus was on artists who strive uniqueness in creating "slow made" items.

I must admit I was somehow disappointed in the small scale of the event, but I'm glad I saw the following. 

I was attracted to the work of one artist and one designer.

Katleen Deleu had a wall covered in her small studies for future larger works.  I simply loved the delicate collages of notebook papers.  It reminds me of shadow play , the patterns of shadows always capture my attention.

So we left the homemade bazaar leaving a blank spot on the wall.

More abstract patterns appeared...

Stunning handbags... look at these gorgeous feet!

Exquisite leather...

Great colours...

Every item is unique and finished to perfection. A model will never be produced in the same colour twice.  The weaving in the lower bag are very narrow strips of leather woven with metal. 

Designer Maaike Lefebvre with her brand Je s'Oui! (site in Dutch)

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Anora said...

I like the idea to make handmade hand bags. Its looking very good and unique..

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