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Jul 2, 2011

flying Botanical Expedition

An extra-ordinary airship - the Aeroflorale II - stranded in Antwerp city centre a few days ago.

On its way from Greenland towards the Antwerp city park the storm forced it to land in one of the busiest streets of the city.

Plants produce the power to make the airship fly.

Thirteen scientists are flying around the globe to study the biodiverity and collect some rare plants.

Laboratories study the possibility to get energy out of plants.

A gentle mist is sprayed over the thirsty living creatures. 

Scientists getting ready for an exploration...

... and collecting material for further investigation.

The cook on the airship, once it lands, keeps himself busy with gathering small specimen of vegetation...

A professor is giving an extensive explanation on the expedition to very interested locals.  They'll leave with a plant she was searching for for some time.

Fires are lit at night to keep the plants warm.  The scientists are very keen on keeping them happy.  Just like people, plants need music, attention, love, touching, light and water... and company.

A machine 'to make the apples blush'.  Apples are exposed to light erotic pictures and the best results were found on 'red golden'.

Mission of the scientists : we travel around the globe to make people ready to use clean and renewable energy.

Expédition Végétale - Botanical expedition.

Aeroflorale II

A few hours later we're walking back after a very nice Japanese dinner...

The plants are lit to make them feel more comfortable and less scared (I was told a few hours before).

I simply love this ... it revives the child in my soul.

Thank you Compagnie La Machine, this puts a smile on my face every time I think of it.

In Antwerp until Sunday 3 July 2011 
part of a larger program during the...
Summer of Antwerp

Compagnie La Machine is a theater company based in Nantes - France.

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Anonymous said...

a real life schuiten & Peeters!

hildA said...

I was thinking of Schuiten when I saw this.