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Jul 13, 2011


A weekend in Ghent to enjoy music, art and food.  A voucher for a night in a hotel with Champagne and chocolates, all paid for... who says no to that!
On the net I find information about a special kind of art tour in the city centre... so off we go.
For a whole month, artists are exhibiting works in shops, restaurants and bars. 

Lucky we... we're hungry and our first stop is one of the participating restaurants.  Seems to be an excellent choice.  Very nice lunch with tasty wines, reasonable price, we recommend it.

Photography by Richard Brocken on the walls at Vintage wine bar.

more Richard Brocken photography in the shop next door, Black Balloon.

Sculptures by Koen Cox at A Ce Soir
Hat designer Els Robberechts ...

and partner Aravinda Rodenburg - the youngest and in a few years probably the only taylor in Belgium - have their shop and atelier here.

Koen Cox - Dickman Protest

Elvir Bucalo

Elvir Bucalo at Belartisan, delightful shop with fine Belgian specialities from local producers.

Through the window a glimpse of UCON at Lesaffre

Peter Seminck at Le Petit Coeur

Photographer Joke van den Heuvel (with reflection of chandelier) at Nathalie Engels

Jan Leenders at Dope shoes & clothing

Tania Verhasselt - De Tuinkamer, flowershop

Claude Dendauw at Eric van Meenen, frames

Painter Rein-Art (Arne Reynaert) - Workout


Rein-Art at a.puur.a

Nancy Aillery - Fidjo, hairdresser

Lucy Elliott - Het Lepelblad

Helga Renders - M.A.R.T.H.A.

I do recognize the ceramic sculptures from Georges De Buysere on the top shelf... i've seen similar ones HERE.  At Axeswar Design.

At night, coming back from a concert we spot...

Ine Lammers through the window of Think Twice

This was fun, a nice way to discover some very nice shops with unique items.  We haven't seen all of it, we missed a few...

Kunst in & rond Onderbergen, Ghent
until 31.07.2011

more works and info on the artists :

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