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Jul 7, 2011

Erwin Wurm's upcycling

Knitwear ceiling - 2011

Knitwear ceiling - 2011

Performative sculptures
Erwin Wurm removes the initial function of old furniture by tilting it; wardrobe becomes table or chair... and thus takes away its original function.  The object gets a new function and becomes furniture once again.

During the exhibition - every day at 16.00 - a person performs the renewed function. 

This remarquable object reminded me of a sculpture I saw a few years ago ...

Erwin Wurm - Tate Modern at Kunsthaus Zürich, Switserland.

A group performance with clothes and furniture will take place on Saturday 6 August at 20.00 and on Sunday 25 September at 16.00.

Erwin Wurm - Wear me out

29.05 - 25.09.2011
Middelheimmuseum - Antwerp, Belgium

more on Erwin Wurm in previous and next days

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