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Apr 5, 2011

the world's longest art gallery

At some point during our visit to Stockholm we had to take the metro/subway/underground.  One can't do all of the sightseeing/musea/galleries on foot when time is short and distance is long and feet are getting sore.  But in this city you might need extra time to take the metro after all.
Come and visit the underground art gallery with the world's longest art exhibition...

Tunnelbana : about 110 km long...

... about 100 stations, 90 of them with artworks...

... some 140 artists have contributed to the Stockholm Metro's permanent exhibition ...

.... an additional few hundred have added temporary art features...

... waiting to be explored.

Click on images to get the artists' names.

My favourite so far.  It seems that the most spectacular 'rock chambers' are along the blue line.  We only saw this one as the line was closing right then for maintenance and we missed the last train.

The first art work we saw reminded me of Hundertwasser, but in a different version...

I love these tiny feet.

Great little feet, makes me smile every time I see this.

a few links with more information and/or pictures:

the online brochure, also available for free in every station HERE
official site where one can view all the works by station or year HERE in Swedish
and a nice overview in this LINK

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