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Apr 10, 2011

meanwhile back home...

it is summer! 
Only April, but the weather is fantastic.  The old French saying "en avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil" is totally ignored just now.

The orchard is blooming, too early for the season.  We just hope frosty nights are over and bees are already working.

This weather brings sunny ideas and tastes into the house/garden.
My brother prepares old clothes :-))
... a Cuban dish called Vieja Ropa

plantains and manioc

a nice piece of cooked beef shredded to be added to a tasty sauce

plantains are fried once,  flattened with a wooden kitchen hammer and fried again and sprinkled with coarse salt

the steaming 'old clothes' with rice and manioc

served with tostones

and the sun reserves us a spectacular end of the day...

after a whole day of blue skies suddenly countless sheep appear over our house, they seem to be chasing the sun

Sonny, you would have loved this!

and one more, this was just too nice.  Half an hour after their sudden appearance all the 'sheep' were gone.


Anonymous said...

I do love it

and the girls love the cherry blossom


hildA said...

you're welcome to come and pick the cherries in due time. if the bees do the job right and sun and rain play fair, it looks like we'll have even more than last year.

Anonymous said...

you could fall in love with belgium once more..