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Apr 4, 2011

Swedish contemporary arts & crafts

A street in Södermalm, the southern island of Stockholm.  One gallery next to the other, arts & crafts galore.  An impression of just a few of them...

an economic society for working potters and glassblowers

Eva Ullberg in current exhibition (until April 6 - 2011)

Gertrud Båge in current exhibition at the gallery until April 6 - 2011

and more than 40 other artists in the shop

Erika Lövqvist with fun glass jewelry

Eva Zethraeus with wallpieces inspired by nature

Ida Just Möller with playful candleholders and delicate flowers


Contemporary jewelry made right here

I just love to see the place where magic happens ... where an idea of the artist becomes reality and begins its journey.

Michael Hamma

Hedvig Westermark

These and other galleries are all located on Hornsgatspuckeln, the artists' quarter in the Söder district.

One of the sidestreets overlooking the water towards Gamla Stan, the old city. 
Just found out that many locations in the Millenium series are right here in this neighbourhood.

a bit further, just around the corner is :

one of Sweden's oldest craft associations with 85 members.

Carl Richard Söderström - current exhibition in the gallery until April 5, 2011

more artists in the shop

wearable art by Johanna Törnqvist

I don't have the names of these artists

intriguing patterns in glass by Bevan Taka

The day is drawing to an end and I haven't seen all of it...

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