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Apr 21, 2011

outdoor spring cleaning

It seems that the highest temperatures in Europe are in Belgium these days, I'm not joking.
We've got these unbelievable summer days halfway April and are enjoying it as if it were high summer season. 
Our outdoor kitchen is used morning, mid-day and evening... time for a spring cleaning between cooking sessions.

Early morning sun in the outdoor kitchen.

Clearing the space to give it a decent water hose treatment to convince spiders that have settled in winter to move elsewhere.

Moving in again to enjoy nice summer dishes with home grown lettuce and chives.

A dish we never have in winter.

One of my favourite starters on the grill, bell peppers/capsicum with real Greek feta cheese.

Reflection of our house through a glass of red wine.

Enjoying this really early summer.


Anonymous said...

that's life! beautiful colours and great food out there, whish i was there,

hildA said...

wish you were here too

Wim & hildA