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Apr 6, 2011

smörgåsbord of Swedish art

the 2011 Spring Salon at Liljevalchs Konsthall
To get there we take another way of public transport in Stockholm...

... a ferry takes us to one of the islands of the city and we get nice views of other islands on the way.

We're hungry and have a nice sandwich at the Liljevalchs café.  Time to get some information about the event.  A few figures:

This year 2.037 individuals and groups applied with a total of 10.185 photographs of artistic expressions in all forms.  131 applicants were accepted to the exhibition with 255 works.  The youngest artist is 18 and the oldest 86 years old.  Every artist's work will be viewed by some 50.000 visitors.
(total this year : 64.340 visitors)
The first Salon opened in 1921 and is the country's oldest, unbroken exhibition format.

impressions ...

My apologies, didn't register the artists' names here.

small detail of a large mural, I don't know the artist's name

Anders Bergman - Octopus & Baby Squid

Annsofi Ostlund - Orakel

left : Bea Szenfeld - wall : Lina Löfström

Carolina Nylund & Ernesto García - Trashisthash Chaise Longue

Jini Hedblom

Joakin Hagström

Joel Hulburt - With Whom Shall We Bury Your Memories?

front : Johan Paalzow - Vego
back : ?

Josefin Sjöström - Côtes Échine 
to be seen life, the meat moves!

Karin Auran Frankenstein - Cow Dung Chair

Karin Byström

Karola Messner - Cycle of Life - small detail of large sculpture

mannequins : Maxjenny Forslund - Poncho Kaleidoscope
wall : Germund Lindunger

Peder Gowenius

Peder Gowenius - details of a large installation

Simon Grind - Knoxville Parking Lot - detail

Therese Parner - Jakt (Hunt)
on the wall ?

Tova Fransson - Kalasjnikow

These are just a few of the many artists in the exhibition.  The fact that I didn't take pictures of others is not a judgment on their artworks, too many people blocking the view, reflections in glass, poor lighting ...
A quote of one of the jury members who selects the participating artists :
I'd like to add that life is short, art is long, experience is artful... Do not give up if we misunderstood your genial scrap metal sculpture.  The Spring Salon will continue for many years to come.

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