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Jul 23, 2010

Arne Quinze X 3

First there was this wooden sculpture at Art Brussels 2010 a few months ago.  Still have a lot of unpublished pictures on the art fair.

Black Eye CU Stilthouse - Arne Quinze - Gallery Guy Pieters

Second : a few weeks ago in Vienna-Austria; walking towards the centre I see a similar installation in a shop window, so I decide to have a closer look...

... at more sculptures by Arne Quinze at the Swarovski centre in Vienna.

And third, only very recently ... the impressive installation at Rouen.
Visible as soon as one drives into the city.
Over the central bridge Pont Boieldieu, luckily traffic free as long as the installation is in place.

We saw two similar installations in Brussels some years ago - Cityscape in this post and the Sequence in this one - with very smooth flowing lines; but this one is somehow different...
... instead of the fluent lines and cloudlike rounded shapes of the previous installations, this one reminded me of the flames in a fire.  And then I noticed this sign on the bridge :
The ashes from Jeanne d'Arc - Joan of Arc - were thrown in the Seine near this bridge.  I don't think there is a connection with the artwork, but it is a nice hint if it is one.

Camille by Arne Quinze is a temporary installation for the Festival Normandie Impressionniste 2010 - Rouen Impressionnée - and will last until August 29th.  The wood will be recycled.

The whole project from start to finish on this blog :

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