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Jul 30, 2010

two more artworks that stayed ...

... after the first two editions 2003-2006 of the Triennial Beaufort Art Tour.

Acqua Scivolo - Anne & Patrick Poirier (FR) - Beaufort01 - 2003
The sculpture on the sea-dike in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke copies the floor plan of the ruins of a medieval abbey church nearby.  It will find its permanent place next to the museum Ten Duinen, the location of the ruins. 
A view at part of the ruins in this post with last years' colourful installation.

Another artwork that moved from its location on the beach in Middelkerke-Belgium onto the Casino front in Blankenberge-Belgium.
Baby's - David Cerny (CZ) - Beaufort02

Pictures taken last year.
All posts on the past editions of Beaufort HERE

We're not attending many art events lately, but I still have many unpublished pictures from past ones.  Will post more of them soon.

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