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Sep 22, 2008

kunstmanifestatie - part 1 - paintings

Last Saturday.
Dutch artist Josje Schroot opens her house to the public. She frequently has exhibitions of other artists in her private home. This edition is a festive occasion : it is 5 years now that she has this temporary gallery. Most of the artists that have exhibited here in the past have works displayed.

paintings by Vonne Hoefsloot

paintings & collages by Ankie van Hoek - van Dijk

paintings by Elly Celie

The picture of the paintings of Huub Ragas failed (sorry Huub), click his name to see the works on his website.


Anonymous said...

What's in a name, I like Schroot

hildA said...

and as you know she works with 'schroot'. there will be a post with a picture of her work on wednesday.
for those who don't understand dutch/flemish : schroot = scrap metal