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Sep 9, 2008

Folon - poetic, symbolic

I've been living in an bubble these past two weeks, far from daily reality but confronted with a hard and painful one. The departing of Anita Huybens was expected since a long time, but once it is there it still is hard to believe and accept.
The day after the beautiful and moving funeral service I had the need to go out in the wind and rain, taking in oxygen.
It seemed we had stopped breathing all this time.

It was the perfect time to go and see the Folon exhibition. Poetic and symbolic sculptures from a Belgian artist.
Images of departing, travelling, angels.

These works are such a reminder of Anita's work. During her life she lost persons very dear and close to her. This resulted in ceramic work showing angels in the shape of birds, very similar to these.

From all the sculptures in this wonderful park my favorites where the ones with the suitcases.

Travelling, departing, farewells.


PLUMe said...

i really, really love that

Anonymous said...

incredible feeling of loneliness,leen