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Sep 26, 2008

Contemporary art galleries at Belgo - Montreal

I visit the museum of contemporary art in Montreal. Bad timing - it is a period in between exhibitions. On my way back to the hotel I see a sign on an old, very unattractive building in a street with the worst shops : Galeries d'art contemporain du Belgo. Once inside it does not look inviting, lacking information. Empty corridors with closed doors. I leave, come back, leave again ... but something draws me back in. I decide to take the elevator and see what happens ...
Dreary long empty corridors ... but surprise ... some doors are open and reveal gorgeous spaces with exhibitions. 20 of the numerous galleries were open on 4 different levels. I spent a few hours here and even forgot to have lunch. A small selection of the galleries here, I just hope I have all the credits and 'links' right.

I will spread the galleries in different posts today, so if you happen to arrive on this post by Google search and want to know more click the label Belgo.


Anonymous said...

As if I was there in the never ending corridors.

Marisa Polin said...

I know the feeling you describe. Great building, good art, lack of information.