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Oct 7, 2012

artist/galerist with a heart

I must admit I was somewhat lost in Istanbul, lacking a descent map of the area I wanted to visit.  The unexpected sign towards 'the Museum of Innocence', inspired by Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk, led me into a small quiet street.  I decided to come back later mith my husband, but something else attracted my attention.

A tiny gallery, Hayaka Arti, the first one on my quest in this neighbourhood...

present group show with black and white art works
left: Cuban artist Noel Morera

Eda Gecikmez, charcoal on felt - left
Dilara Akay, ceramic - centre
Aziz Tavil, ink on paper - right

Artist Dilara Akay is the driving force behind Hayaka Arti, , a gallery where artists interact with the space, performances are taking place and above all many workshops are held for the local small children.  Artists will explain their work and help children to express themselves.

I got a private peek into the back space... the space for the children and Dilara Akay's own studio

Dilara Akay next to one of her pieces of artwork...

...and next to it, inspired by this work, two tiny artworks made by children,

One of the workshops with children started with drawings they made of their mothers.  These drawings were converted into dolls, it took the children several months to make them

artists and children are working on the same piece

a sculpture by Dilara Akay

I left the gallery with a happy heart and a map with local galleries...

some 500 meters from the gallery this tiny girl was sitting on the street next to a truck, utterly focused on painting...

... and a few hours later we passed this local café...

... and spotted her again.  Still painting and friends joining in.

Dilara, you are inspiring for many children and I'm sure a few of these enthusiastic little budding artists will take this further.  You and your artist friends are doing a great job! is the communication project of the Hayaka Arti alternative art and culture platform.  Artists from all over the globe can join in and post their work on the oline gallery.  Membership is free and at regular intervls will organize real/actual exhibitions of the originals chosen by curators among the works published at the site.

Hayaka Arti, alternative art and culture platform
çukurcuma caddesi 19a - Tophane 34425 Istanbul - Turkey

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