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Jul 19, 2012

Urban Agriculture

fascinating trend
the amount of food that is transferred into large cities daily is gigantic.  using the free space for growing crops in the city, like on rooftops, cannot solve the problems of transport but every effort counts.

If I would live in the city - I did about 35 years ago where I grew tomatoes on my tiny balcony - I'd love a large rooftop and grow vegetables, keep honey bees and enjoy the scent of honeysuckle in the evening and early morning.

The theme Urbanisation - or the fragile balance between city and rural country - during the art tour Kunst op het Hof - gave me the opportunity to build my version of countrylife in the city.

as usual using reclaimed material...

and next... a fascinating experiment... sewing the 'fields' with different kinds of 'sprouts'. 
never done this before so I'm anxcious to see if everything will grow in time for the art tour...

radishes and rucola are doing nicely... others are still hesitant

hildA de schutter - Urban Agriculture - installation - wood & plants
I didn't have enough time to finish it the way I wanted but one week later I'm quite happy with the effect

at the 'finissage' visitors were allowed to harvest and eat the crop spread over bread and humus

the previous post mentionned that this work would be complimentary to Clemens Maassen's paintings. City versus countryside.

but let's zoom in on that large painting ICI on the wall made by Clemens Maassen especially for the occasion...

detail of ICI - the white arrow glued on the painting mentions : you are here...
and that is exactly where we were standing, in our barn on our property

to be continued...

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