to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

Oct 3, 2011

bubbles in the garden

The majestic castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire, France
20 th International Garden Festival - prototypes of the gardens of the future
part 3

The Memory Library
designers : Gaétan Macquet, Oreline Tixier and Pierre-Albert Labarriere

Exhuberant Pollen
Designers : SOLA - Yekaterina Yushmanova, landscape architect and Ruth Currey, landscape designer

a rare self portrait, never take them...

The other side of the décor
designers : Cathy Vivies and Vanessa Farbos

this garden reminded me of an installation we've seen only a few days before

20th garden festival until 16 October 2011

We're planning a walk in a park today where we'll bring our own bubbles (the bottled kind) and enjoy one of the last summer days...

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