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Oct 4, 2012

destination Istanbul

Lucky me, I can join my husband in a four day trip to Istanbul, Turkey

a few impressions...

the nostalgic tram running between Taksim and Tünel on the European side

The Galata bridge between the old European quarter and the old city.  All day long hundreds of people stand on the bridge with fishing lines.

and if they don't catch anything worth fishing...

... the fish market is right at the bottom of the bridge

under the bridge a long gallery with restaurants on both sides with a splendid view on the sea of Marmara and the beginning of the Golden Horn.  Downside... you can't walk peacefully here without being hassled to come in and eat something.

We spotted this colourful trendy bar we decided to go to when returning at night.  But the music was WAY TOO LOUD, simply unbearable.  I guess this place would be packed with softer relaxing music.

colour in the streets...

a waterpipe anyone?

cats are very popular and well looked after

A gigantic cruise ship is blocking the view of the brand new Istanbul Modern.  The terrace of the restaurant has a great view over the Bosphorus and Asian side of Istanbul.  We booked a table later that night as the ship sailed at sundown.

Many bars and restaurants are located on rooftops with splendid views over the old city or the Asian side like this one.

After four days our trip is over and from the plane we get a last view over the city

more on art in Istanbul in the next posts

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