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Oct 8, 2012

Tophane art walk - galleries

With a detailed map - finally - of the area it is easy, well not quite, to find the numerous brand new galleries in this part of Istanbul. 
a small selection of the ones that were open and accessable at the time I was visiting...

exhibition: A Room of One's Own
until 20 October 2012

the artist Hatice Karadağ finishing her latest painting


Juan Botella Lucas

at Pi Artworks Tophane
"Seven Sleepers (The Second Resurrection)"
until 25 November 2012


Sudan Seyyareler

Galeri Ilayda Karaköy Harbour
Sudan Seyyareler - Aquaspheres
until 4 November 2012


Gallery .artSümer


In one of the small streets I spotted an artisst at work.  She was finishing a few pieces for an upcoming exhibition

more Istanbul galleries in future posts

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