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Oct 10, 2012

art in the coalmine... the power station of the coalmine to be precise

Impressive setting, it takes some courage from artists to exhibit in this overwhelming place.  The engines draw a lot of attention, industrial sculptures...  The picture shows only part of the huge space. 
20 artists have picked up the challenge

The work of sculptor Marc Janssens seems to have emerged from the engines itself.
I'll have an entire post on that later.
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more of their work in another ongoing exhibition in tomorrows' post- just have a look at their fascinating artwork 7 posts down

more work of this artist in a future post, meanwhile view more of her art in 'Search this blog' on top right of page

Performance during the vernissage last sunday

Lilia Scheerder with her self-built instruments

This is only a glimpse of what is going on...

STROOM (current/stream)
7-28 Oktober 2012
Elektriciteitscentrale Mijnsite Beringen
Koolmijnlaan 201
BE-3582 Beringen, Belgium
free entrance

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