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Oct 6, 2012

laB - modern restoration in Istanbul

On my stroll through the Tophane area I came across a tiny shop. 
My absolute favourite: laB - laBoratuvar

If I lived in Istanbul, this is where I would buy my furniture...

It's only three months ago that this young architect/designer couple, Ceren BASGOZE & Fatih BASGOZE, have settled in the neighbourhood.  A bit of a gamble as Fatih says, re-Use in modern living is quite new and unknown in Turkey.

I simply love the way they use antique furniture and add a modern feature to it

my favourite piece in the shop

the shop is a bit tiny to actually make decent pictures of the items so I was given permission to take a few pictures from their website (something I normally never do)

check the website to view more original designs
Lab creates modern architecture and interior designs by combining design dynamics whit its own view of the world.

Adress: Firuzaga mah. Bogazkesen cad.
No: 72/a
Tophane / Beyoğlu

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