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Sep 30, 2012

"Manifestly Present" - part 2

"Manifest Aanwezig - Manifestly present"

focuses on the protection of identity and artistic freedom

33 international artists in a stripped castle

Sylvie Macias Diaz (ES/BE) - Ronin's Corsair

Where the Rooms are a Collection of our Mind

Kelly Schacht (BE)
I totally loved her installation at Coup De Ville 2 years ago.  HERE is the post.

Leon Vranken (BE) - The Beauty of Painting (Chapter II) - installation with video
same installation in another setting and other work at Freestate exhibition last year HERE with better pictures

Kasteel Oud-Rekem is simply a gorgeous location.  A castle with a gloomy history in the centre of a tiny beautiful village at the borders of Belgium-Gemany-Netherlands

"Manifest Aanwezig"
Parallel Events Manifesta

Kasteel Oud-Rekem, Belgium

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