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Aug 7, 2010

nature plays landart

A long walk through a silent and shady forest, Windstein in the Northern Vosges of France.

We do have a goal at the end of the walk, but on our way we pass along part of the Maginot line built in the thirties.

A casemate is peaking out of the green.

I'm quite fascinated by the marks in the concrete dome.

But now I think it must be an iron dome, it has been shot at and the iron seems to have melted at the impact.

Underneath the dome, half sunken into the ground, the shelter with heavy door.

We continue our way and pass along a whole string of these small shelters.  The surrounding nature has decided to take over, it seems it has created a prehistoric sphinx-like living sculpture.

The casemates look like funny cartoonlike faces. 

A bit further we arrive at our destination ... a piece of heaven on earth.
More in the next days.

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